Mindset Monday #10 - How you gained 50lbs in a year?

Core Focused Workout at Home - Hardbody Outdoor Fitness

Accumulator Workout - 30 Seconds Each Exercise

Mindset Monday #8 - Charge your day like you charge your phone

Monday Mindset #7 - Fitness Goals are like Relationship Goals. Don't cheat!

Monday Mindset #6 - Know your body in order to give it what it needs

Odd Object Training - Hardbody Outdoor Fitness (Spartan & Tough Mudder Training)

Monday Mindset #5 - Be that beam of sunlight this week

Monday Mindset #4 - Marching towards a positive mindset

Monday Mindset #3 - MLK Said To Have Faith (So let's follow through)

Monday Mindset #2 - Connecting with people

Monday Mindset #1 - Be Intentional

Finish Strong Friday - Hardbody Outdoor Fitness

What Can I do on the Resistance Bands? - Hardbody Outdoor Fitness

Athleta Workout Recap - Hardbody Outdoor Fitness

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