TRX Program

What is the Hardbody Outdoor Fitness TRX ProgramĀ ?

The TRX Body Blast is the name of the TRX Training Class that is offered by HOF. The class is limited to 14-20 participants. Participants are trained on how to use the TRX Suspension Trainer for class use and home use. Each workout is designed to challenge the body in every aspect. Are you looking to take your strength to another level? Look no further. The program is a six week session meeting twice per week. Expect heart-pumping, fat burning and an exciting approach to take your fitness training to another level. Take a look at the sample itinerary;

Class Overview (sample)
Week 1: TRX + Kettlebells
Week 2: TRX + Cardio
Week 3: TRX + Jump Ropes
Week 4: TRX + Dumbbells
Week 5: TRX + Cardio II
Week 6: TRX Combination

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