Soon come.

-Sergio Vazquez


Soon come.

-Nadia Hayes


After having 4 kids in 6 years, I didn’t have the energy to do anything. The weight piled on with each child and I ballooned to well over 300 lbs. I could not walk up the stairs without tiring out or walk down them without knee pain. When I heard about HOF, I declined immediately,… Read More

-Ileka Dingle


She is a quiet storm and working hard for her goals. So many of you are. Whether it’s Bootcamp or TRX, your efforts are motivating to everyone around you. Jaquay has been with HOF for several years and it’s always nice to see the dedication take over and results become a part of her lifestyle…. Read More

-Jaquay Cook


I had no excuse. My kids are my life and I had to make a change. Every class was a challenge for me and I thank Shawn for not giving up because there were times when I wanted to. He pushed me and sometimes would call me out and I started to like it. It… Read More

-Nathania Laing


“I remember the very first day of class. I drove up to an almost empty park and ride at 5:30 AM, and all I could think to myself was “what in the world did I get myself into?” I couldn’t even run around the parking lot, the idea of using my weights seemed nearly impossible and… Read More

-Alexandra Raver


(-50 pounds) I was 281.5 lbs with a bummy right knee (partial ACL tear) when I started HOF on June 1 of this year. So far I’ve lost close to ~50 lbs (as of 12/5/13) from working out and I eat my “veggies” in the morning. Shout out to Jeff Boogie. Quality workouts… getting stronger every day.”

-David “Getting Stronger Everyday” Mayo


(-70 pounds) “Hardbody Outdoor Fitness (HOF); great group of people who gave me the push I needed to keep coming back for more ass kicking each class, lol and I love it. I damn near fell out my chair when I found this before pic to show my trainer “the old me” cause honestly I… Read More

-Heather McNeal


(-43 pounds) Updated 12/5/13: Come back and read more about Lynda’s experience….

-Lynda Lucas


“When I started HOF, at 174lbs, I did really well at first. The classes were fun and the motivation from the team really excited me and had me eating right and I lost weight right away. Well between work, school, and family, my schedule got more and more hectic and “life” happened. I was unable to… Read More

-Jay Chatman


(-16 pounds) “Shawn Chevalier has been my personal trainer since mid 2011. I could not be happier with his training and my progress overall. Shawn is an energetic, intelligent trainer, highly responsive to your individual abilities and considerate of your limitations. In my opinion, Shawn recognizes and respects the mind-body connection, and shapes his training… Read More

-Jeffery Anderson


(-50 pounds) “It’s been just about a year since I joined HOF and I can’t believe the progress I’ve made. I never thought I would be able to commit to this — the crazy schedule, the intensity of the workouts — for such a long time. Somehow, I have lost 50 pounds. I have gone… Read More

-Nicole Neely


“First week of training and I am motivated to stick with this fitness program. I started an at-home training program ten years ago and after my second child a few years ago, I’d really fallen off the fitness bandwagon! I’ve tried to motivate myself to restart the at-home program but with little success. I saw… Read More

-Amy Laster


“Shawn and Nicole are amazing trainers and they take a personal interest in each member. They want to know your goals and help you achieve them. They will motivate, support and encourage you each step of the way! You will leave every class knowing you just had an incredible workout!! Another bonus is the group… Read More

-Shannon Stevens


“I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation to you both for all your support, motivation and inspiration over the past year. This week I realized it is my one year of being with HOF. I can’t believe how time flies when you are having fun with such a great group of people!… Read More

-Emily Leclercq


“My starting HOF weight was 178 pounds in April 2010. As far as who I am, I’m a busy mother with a full time job and very little free time. Running a household with two busy children, being a wife and and being responsible for Accounting, HR and Office Operations for one of the largest… Read More

-Rhonda Brown


“I found HOF when I was walking my dog at Meadowbrook Park. I saw the group working out and I thought, “Wow, I want to do that again.” The next day I was there and I am still there after going on four years. At age 73 I feel I have found the exact discipline… Read More

-Marianna Simonton


Sara Prymas is one of the hardest working athletes we know. As a teacher for pre-K children with autism, you will never see Sara without a smile on her face. If you ever asked Sara, “How are you feeling?”, you know what you’ll here, “I feel AMAAAAZING”. As a triathlete and wife, she balances swimming,… Read More

-Sara Prymas


“When I started Hardbody Outdoor Fitness in May, 2009, I weighed about 210 pounds. I was fortunate enough to find HOF via a ‘friend of a friend’, and can not imagine how my life would be without it. I was a stay-at-home mom of two busy young daughters, had high blood pressure, generally lethargic, lazy…. Read More

-Lisa Amaral


“Shawn Chevalier has been my personal trainer since mid 2011. I could not be happier with his training and my progress overall. Shawn is an energetic, intelligent trainer, highly responsive to your individual abilities and considerate of your limitations. In my opinion, Shawn recognizes and respects the mind-body connection, and shapes his training to provide… Read More

-Jeffery Anderson


“I started HOF in June of 2012. I originally signed up for the evening classes. We were told that we could utilize the am classes as well. I was really intimidated and asked Nic if she thought I would be ok. Of course she highly encouraged me to try them. I did and I have… Read More

-Melissa Carl


“First I would like to thank you for helping me make this necessary change in my life. I started working out with HOF about a month and a half ago, I have to say that it was not easy working out at 5:30 in the morning but I am very happy that I did. this… Read More

-Brian Ravariere


“My name is Tracey. I am a single mom and the owner of a Hair Salon. Saying the least, my schedule is very busy. Before I had my son 5yrs ago. I had a six pack u couldn’t tell me much. However with being so busy the weight begun to stick and add. Before I… Read More

-Tracey Glover


“The instructors at HOF go beyond their roles with their trainees, making the relationship feel more personal than professional. This can be experienced all throughout the class from the top down. I feel the instructors genuinely want to see you succeed in achieving your health goals. As hard as they can be on you, they… Read More

-Norman Sherriff II


“Prior to starting with HOF boot camp, I would have considered myself an avid exerciser. I’ve done it all from personal trainers to aerobic classes, running, etc., however, once I started with HOF, I soon realized this workout was real. I struggled with the exercise regime and even thought about quitting but was encouraged by… Read More

-Josie Jenkins


“When I look at that picture, I see INTENSITY and FOCUS. I have it within me. At the time, it was buried deep down somewhere, but Shawn helped to bring it to the surface. The thing I love about HOF it is hard work, but Shawn makes it fun. There was always lots of laughter… Read More

-Tracy Wood


“In 6 months I have come down 2.5 sizes and shed a minute and 20 seconds off of my timed mile. If you’re looking to get in shape and definitely gain strength and muscle definition I could not recommend this program/trainers/team more. Great workouts, passionate trainers, amazing people. You should think about it… then do… Read More

-Katie Barrett


“The HOF Training program, I must say was a type of regime that I never considered being part of my life. I consider myself to be pretty active, and have worked out in the past but never pushed myself past a certain point. It often got mundane at times, the whole lift for three days,… Read More

-Glenn Williams