“My name is Tracey. I am a single mom and the owner of a Hair Salon. Saying the least, my schedule is very busy. Before I had my son 5yrs ago. I had a six pack u couldn’t tell me much. However with being so busy the weight begun to stick and add. Before I met Shawn I belonged to 2 gyms! I figured with 2 gyms I would SURELY be on the fast track to a new skinny me. I was WRONG. A friend saw my constant struggle and referred me to HOF. The first time I went out IT WAS ROUGH. For the first 2 weeks I felt like I was going to regurgitate at some point of class, but u feel so good, and proud of yourself at the end of the day. Shawn and Nicole are constantly challenging you, never giving the same exercise twice and if it is there is a twist to it. My muscles didn’t know what was going on! They where getting tuned up in different ways everyday. You can’t help but see the results. I became addicted. HOF helped me to start my day, get my energy revved up for the rest of the day. You never feel lost or just a number. My best memory so far happened during my first week I was lagging and I didn’t feel like I could make it. The team saw I was struggling stopped doing what they were doing and re-did the reps with me one by one. Then we all continued to the next set. That was very big for me… I have never encountered something like that. People willing to do more just to help you push through. We are a team, a super fit family. Failure is not an option. We keep each other encouraged both in class and out. HOF has a social media site for insiders and on lookers. Need help with different recipes, examples of planning your healthy weekly meals and or shakes. We have it. A question to ask your team mates in the middle of the day..just ask. We are here for each other we all have a common goal on different levels. Another way the media site is good is that other people can see it so not only are you accountable though HOF but your friends and family see you and the hard work you put in and keep you encouraged. In conclusion I LOVE HARDBODY OUTDOOR FITNESS; its helped me to begin a new me and I am sure you will to.”

-Tracey Glover