Sara Prymas is one of the hardest working athletes we know. As a teacher for pre-K children with autism, you will never see Sara without a smile on her face. If you ever asked Sara, “How are you feeling?”, you know what you’ll here, “I feel AMAAAAZING”. As a triathlete and wife, she balances swimming, biking and running when she can as well as cooking healthier meals for her husband Michael. In 2011, because of her will to train harder, she even convinced Michael to participate in the DUthe2 Duathlon (2m run/26m bike/4m run). She’s an avid Hardbody Outdoor Fitness client and to date has lost 85 lbs as a result of training with HOF and triathlon training. Did we tell you that she even gets personal training from our one and only Nicole? We consider that a glutton for punishment. A positive attitude is what will propel our community forward. We provide that in every class, every correspondence with clients and it always warms us to have people like Sara in our program. Good luck this year Sara as you venture into longer race distances, cook more and understanding how to listen to your body.

-Sara Prymas