“My starting HOF weight was 178 pounds in April 2010. As far as who I am, I’m a busy mother with a full time job and very little free time. Running a household with two busy children, being a wife and and being responsible for Accounting, HR and Office Operations for one of the largest real estate developers in DC leaves one with very little free time. This has always been my biggest excuse for why I was “thick” (I’ve tried to steer clear of the term, “fat” since I know there are people larger than me that wouldn’t consider me to be “fat”). I came to HOF because I was trying to “squeeze into” a dress for my 40th birthday party in 2010. I almost ran over several of your clients in the crosswalk by the YMCA, struck up a conversation with them at the traffic light, and I was in your class the very next morning. I thought I would die; I’ve never been so tired or felt so sluggish or out of shape in my life. But doggone it, I was going to fit into that dress if it killed me. I’d paid $200 for it!! LOL!! Needless to say, I got into the dress, the party was a success, and yet I kept coming back for more of your and Nic’s torture sessions. To me, it’s the people of HOF that make HOF so successful. I was made to feel welcome and as part of the family from DAY ONE! I’ve never seen such a group of inspiring and encouraging women/men. It’s truly a “no (wo)man left behind” mentality. There’s no shame in not being able to keep up or do all of the reps. There’s also someone there with you, encouraging you and often repeating work so that you don’t have to finish alone. HOF has turned me into someone I never thought I’d be; a workout fanatic. I NEED my weekly workouts; I’m not the same when I don’t come to class. I’m sluggish and I feel like I’ve cheated. I’m making better food choices and, clutch the pearls, I’m even running outside of class. I’m signing up for races that I never thought I’d be able to walk, much less run. I’ve never lacked self-confidence, but HOF has given me a certain “swagger” that I didn’t have before. And the best thing – being able to inspire other people to get off the couch and do things they never thought they could do; I’ve seen it with coworkers, friends and family members. I feel better now at 42 than I did at 32.”

-Rhonda Brown