“The instructors at HOF go beyond their roles with their trainees, making the relationship feel more personal than professional. This can be experienced all throughout the class from the top down. I feel the instructors genuinely want to see you succeed in achieving your health goals. As hard as they can be on you, they somehow seem like your friend. Personally I was able to change my diet and daily workout routine. This in term lead to me to have more energy, gain focus in my life and lose weight all while making new friends. In total I lost 15 lbs., and have a new found love of running and currently about to complete my first 5k race on March 26th 2011. From my own experience HOF may seem like a program to get fit, but after one class you will be encompassed by an energy that will propel you to seek a new way of life. The 45 minute drive I take to the workout every morning is worth it”

-Norman Sherriff II