“I started HOF in June of 2012. I originally signed up for the evening classes. We were told that we could utilize the am classes as well. I was really intimidated and asked Nic if she thought I
would be ok. Of course she highly encouraged me to try them. I did and I have been part of the “HOF” family ever since. I hate and I mean hate missing a day. When I am sick, I can not even read the facebook posts. I actually MISS not being there. If I can not make a class for some reason, or I happen to oversleep – again I am so “IRRITATED” that I missed a class and I do not want to read the face book posts. And as crazy as this sounds, I MISS HOF even when I am on vacation. Over the holidays,when we did not have HOF, I really missed it. The nerve of these trainers to spend time with their real family. HAHA!!! NEVER and I mean NEVER, have I ever felt that way. I have worked out at a gym since I was about 15 years old. But HOF is very different. HOF becomes a part of your life. These people are not just work out friends, they become family. We basically see one another 4 days a week. We all may not talk for long amounts of time, but we see one another at our worst. We are dripping with sweat. We ladies dont have an ounce of makeup on. The hair, well its pulled up and out of our way. There is nothing beautiful about any of us. But no one cares. We all are not there for a fashion show. No one is flexing in the mirror, admiring themselves. There are all ages, all shapes and sizes, all fitness levels, all walks of life. We encourage one another. We all have those days where it is a HUGE effot, but we push one another and support one another through it. There are days when we give the dirtiest looks to Shawn and Nic. We pray that they will look the other way, walk away , get away – just do something other then pay attention to us. But as ALWAYS , they push us and keep us focused. At the end the butt kicking was well worth it. We all are laughing and joking. No one cares if you are the first finished or the last finished. You are not holding anyone up, everyone is there for themselves. But when you need that extra push, everyone is there cheering you along. You can not just go and stand there. You look around and everyone is working and giving all they have to give, so you automatically do the same. I just can not speak highly enough about HOF. I am blessed to have found this phenomenal group of people. Shawn and Nic wat to see you meet your goals. Shawn’s mind is always thinking about the next way we can meet our goals. He NEVER stops trying. I ruptured my fascia back in November right before I was to do a 10 k with the group. We had actually been on a practice run on a Sat when I did it. I so did not want to go to the dr. I did not want him to tell me I could not participate in HOF. I ended up with an air cast and of course could not run the race. The first thing I did when I got home was email SHawn and ask if I could still come to HOF. He laughed and said its not like you have the plague. You can not run but we can modify it and work around it. I did not want to feel like I held back the group, but I went. This is my sanity. No one cared and I even gained a new stage name out of it, “Bootsie.” And of course I still walked the 10k, just to be a part of my HOF family. I still have goals I am working on and in time I will meet them. I can not imagine my life without HOF. My husband asks why I drive and dont find something closer… I will tell everyone what I tell him- there is nothing like this, nothing that compares. I love these people, I love this workout. This is the “ONLY” thing I do for me and I will NOT give it up!!!”

-Melissa Carl