“When I started Hardbody Outdoor Fitness in May, 2009, I weighed about 210 pounds. I was fortunate enough to find HOF via a ‘friend of a friend’, and can not imagine how my life would be without it. I was a stay-at-home mom of two busy young daughters, had high blood pressure, generally lethargic, lazy. I had won a ‘contest’ for a free 90-day fitness study, wrote an essay as to why I deserved this opportunity. Little did I know how life-altering this opportunity would be. The beginning was rough, I would come home in the mornings after class crying of exhaustion and physical pain. I wanted nothing more than to stop going to class, but kept going. It wasn’t long after, that I realized how awesome HOF was. The trainers and so many of the people who work out with HOF are just amazing and such great motivators. NOBODY gets left behind in anyway. Days turned into weeks, and I finished my 90-day challenge 20 pounds lighter and a blood pressure in a normal range. I was so pleased. Enough so, that once my initial 90 days were complete, I signed on as a regular HOF client. I’ve now been coming to class for more than 3 years. Shawn recently asked me to look at these two pictures and tell him, “how do you feel when you look at these two people?” I’ve been struggling for a week to answer that question, not finding the words. I think the reason I’ve been struggling is that I don’t remember that girl on the left. I don’t remember the girl that got winded walking up a flight of stairs, or the girl with high blood pressure who’s doctor wanted to put her on weight loss medication, or the girl who got so big her wedding ring didn’t fit. But the girl on the left is in the past. I am now strong and feel as if there’s not much I can’t do. Since joining HOF, I’ve done 6 triathlons, numerous half-marathons and 10 milers, a duathlon an a number of 5k’s. Additionally, that girl on the right is now an inspiration to her two daughters, as they’ve also completed triathlons and 5k’s recently. I can say wholeheartedly, that this solely because of Hardbody Outdoor Fitness. The confidence I’ve gained in myself and the camaraderie of others I’ve met along the way during my time here at HOF is something I simply can’t put a price on. Lastly, the picture on the right is not an “after” picture, but merely a “during” picture…there’s still a lot of work to do. I’m sure someday I’ll get that “after” shot with the help of HOF!”

-Lisa Amaral