“Prior to starting with HOF boot camp, I would have considered myself an avid exerciser. I’ve done it all from personal trainers to aerobic classes, running, etc., however, once I started with HOF, I soon realized this workout was real. I struggled with the exercise regime and even thought about quitting but was encouraged by the team that they too have been where I was. I’ve never started anything that I didn’t finished so the challenge was on. I have to admit that each workout was intense but the each workout, the results came as well. I started getting compliments, that made me worked that much harder. Before, I knew it, my abs started coming in. Shawn’s dedication to his craft is truly first class. Shawn has not only helped me transformed my body but also gave me great eating tips. I’ve gone from a size 10 to a “true” 6 and has been able to maintain my size. Unfortunately, my job changed and I was unable to continue but in my heart, I know my time with HOF has been the healthiest I’ve been and if the opportunity ever presents itself, I will return to HOF within a heartbeat.My experience with Shawn and the HOF family has and will be one of the most rewarding exercise experiences I’ve had to date. In my book Shawn is one of the best in his craft as he’s most humbled and knowledgeable and is always eager to see his team succeed.”

-Josie Jenkins