“Shawn Chevalier has been my personal trainer since mid 2011. I could not be happier with his training and my progress overall. Shawn is an energetic, intelligent trainer, highly responsive to your individual abilities and considerate of your limitations. In my opinion, Shawn recognizes and respects the mind-body connection, and shapes his training to provide the best solution in physical conditioning and mental preparation. Shawn’s strong personal commitment, enthusiastic spirit, and drive for the achievement of excellence has helped me improve my overall health, by which I mean weight, strength, endurance, muscle tone and outlook in a short amount of time. Shawn is highly regarded in the fitness community for expert physical conditioning and nutritional consultation, and keeps informed of emerging issues in the fitness world. I have recommended Shawn to others in the past and I highly urge you to consider him if you are looking to develop creative and successful strategies in fitness improvement and growth.”

-Jeffery Anderson