“When I started HOF, at 174lbs, I did really well at first. The classes were fun and the motivation from the team really excited me and had me eating right and I lost weight right away. Well between work, school, and family, my schedule got more and more hectic and “life” happened. I was unable to make classes at times, and made excuses for not making class during other times. I’m embarrassed to say I jumped up to 187lbs. It’s harder to deal with when you know the right things to do and know you’re just not doing them. Through it all, Shawn and the team never judged. There was always an encouraging nudge or a reminder that the team missed me. And I realized, it all comes down to accountability…to myself. Long story short, I buckled down and started a following a strict clean diet. I’m running and working out more on my own, which helps balance when work makes it so I can’t come to class. I’m accountable and I’m happy. Today I am 157lbs, and hope to be 145lbs soon. I’d say I made the real change in early July so it’s happened fast. For me I’ve always found that I lose fast, but I gain really fast too. Hardbody is so much more than a class and Shawn is much more than a trainer. It’s like a a family…a really sweaty family that has reunions every morning at 530!”

-Jay Chatman