(-70 pounds) “Hardbody Outdoor Fitness (HOF); great group of people who gave me the push I needed to keep coming back for more ass kicking each class, lol and I love it. I damn near fell out my chair when I found this before pic to show my trainer “the old me” cause honestly I didn’t think I was THAT bad…apparently I was, who knew?

So the $64 million dollar question “How did you do it?”. “What’s your secret?”, honestly there isn’t no real secret its just 3 simple things: clean eating, regular exercise, and taking it one day at a time, that’s all it really takes. If you want to add a 4th, make fitness challenges during the year to train for. My fitness goals this year were 2 5k obstacle races and now I just signed myself up for my first 10K race o_0 yup my ass is running 6. some odd miles (and i HATE running btw) in mid November this yr and training starts tomorrow.

Now, I don’t want to here the following bull$hit from those that are thinking “I need to get in shape” but get whiny when told the following: Cut out soda, drink 1/2 to a gallon of H2O a DAY, find healthy alternatives when dining out it is possible ppl you just have to think smart about it. Exercise at the least, if you can 3 times a week BUT don’t just do cardio or strength, mix it up, Living Social is your friend! No late night snacking, don’t eat 3hrs before bed, cut out the sugary $hit, there are naturally sweet foods, again, you just have to find the right ones. I love green smoothies (don’t make that face) you get a lot of great vitamins and nutrients fruits and veg depending on what you put in it that will help keep your motor running. On vacay or holidays, DON’T FALL OFF THE WAGON because “its a special occasion” I call bull$hit, you still can make good choices!”

-Heather McNeal