“The HOF Training program, I must say was a type of regime that I never considered being part of my life. I consider myself to be pretty active, and have worked out in the past but never pushed myself past a certain point. It often got mundane at times, the whole lift for three days, and do cardio for two. After the excitement of being a part of a big name gym wore off, all I was left with was just a routine that didn’t didn’t lend for something new. With joining the HOF program the mundane routine was thrown out the window on day one, and since then I don’t think twice about going back to the gym. This program is a healthy mix of lifting weights, which include using your own body weight, and cardio, which I feel makes me more well rounded when it comes to meeting or exceeding my fitness goals. Another advantage that I’ve found is you never really plateau off as you would when lifting weights. I feel like I seem to get stronger and stronger and I understand and use new muscles. Each class is a challenge, but with the completion of each it’s another step to a better lifestyle. The exercises are somewhat difficult, but not impossible to execute, the energy in the class is great which can keep you motivated, and helps you make it through the end. Prior to starting this class I never once thought or considered running in any races, and now that has become a part of my fitness goals. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that in class we’re always being challenged to work hard, and I take that attitude when getting ready for a race. This program works if you are committed and consistent, you will see you’re body transform before you very eyes.”

-Glenn Williams