“First week of training and I am motivated to stick with this fitness program. I started an at-home training program ten years ago and after my second child a few years ago, I’d really fallen off the fitness bandwagon! I’ve tried to motivate myself to restart the at-home program but with little success. I saw an advertisement for HOF and the website ( a great support resource) alone got my inspired to try it out and boy, I’m glad I did! It’s awesome to do the exercises outdoors-it breaks up the monotony of ‘going to the gym’ or working out at home and you use so much of your own body weight that work every muscle in your body without really knowing it (until later in the day!) Shawn and Nicole are very inspiring and push everyone based on each person’s abilities. The HOF members are supportive and fun to be around. Everyone works hard in HOF. HOF is appropriate for anyone-from triathletes to first-timers! It’s well worth getting up for each morning!”

-Amy Laster