“I remember the very first day of class. I drove up to an almost empty park and ride at 5:30 AM, and all I could think to myself was “what in the world did I get myself into?” I couldn’t even run around the parking lot, the idea of using my weights seemed nearly impossible and I almost passed out a few times that day. Even after that first week past, I thought I might actually die, but I kept plugging away.


Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and then it became part of my life, my routine. I found myself getting stronger. I could not only run that parking lot loop, but I was able to stay closer to the group. My 8 lbs weights became 10 lbs., and I couldn’t even get away with a girlie push up anymore!
Since I started my journey, I have completed four 5k’s, one ridiculously amazing and difficult Rebel Race and this fall I ran my very first 10k!! And while I am still very much at odds with the scale, I have managed to go down 2 dress sizes, 16 inches over all, but more than anything I am really starting believe I can do this! There are still many mornings I dread going to class, fighting with myself in the car the entire drive. However, when I miss class, my day never seems to go just right. My life has forever been changed by my HOF family, and I can honestly say they saved me from me. It just takes one morning, one workout, and belief that you can do it and you can make a forever change in your life.”

-Alexandra Raver