“Selecting that accountability buddy” Saturday – Find your exercise partner (Day 5)

It’s Saturday and the weather is freakishly beautiful for fall. Well, fall is already a beautiful time of the year, but this warmth is just not the norm. I won’t complain. You finished the weekday with some relaxing exercise and got some insight on guided imagery; the art of putting your mind elsewhere to relax. So now it’s time to make sure that you have the support to reach those health and fitness goals. Here is some guidance to making sure this week is better than the last.

Choose a Buddy

naked humorWhen you decide to get back on the bandwagon, you need a friend, or someone to support you along the way…..and someone to hold you accountable. This could be more than one person, but for now and the sake of this post, let’s stick to one person. Ask that friend who you know wants to lose weight to team up with you. Choose someone who you get along with well and who’s at a similar fitness level. Make plans to meet for a class, like HOF (Check out the Living Social Deal) or even your neighborhood gym. If you’re in Columbia, Maryland, there is one of every corner. When you don’t feel like exercising, you’ll be motivated to get up and go anyway because someone’s counting on you. This is ideal if you find exercise boring, because you’ll have a friend to talk to the entire time. Now, don’t talk too much or you’ll end up being “that” person who can’t shut up in the gym. Even consider, going grocery shopping together and discuss what you eat each day so you won’t be tempted to make poor food choices. It sounds like a scene out of a book, but you’ll be happy when/if you do it.

Write a Schedule

Scheduling exercise into your daily routine means you won’t be able to use the “I have no time!” excuse. Each night, write out the schedule for the next day. Alternatively, create your schedule on a Sunday for the classes that you’ll be attending together and not-together (you need alone time too). When doing so, be realistic about how long everything takes you, so you will not find yourself squeezed for time. My point here is to write exercise into the schedule, whether it’s a 15-minute walk during your lunch break or a stop at the gym on the way home. Keep the schedule with you and look at it throughout the day. If you have an iPhone or Android or walk with your iPad planner, stick it in there. Another trick is to make a Google calendar for you and your partner. If it’s shared between the both of you, once it’s in there, you both will have access to it and you’ll both be synchronized. It will be harder to skip an exercise session when it’s on the calendar and you’re getting smart phone notifications.

Reward Yourself

You’ll start seeing your body change within a few weeks of starting a new exercise regime, but giving yourself other tangible rewards will make you even more motivated. If your goal is to lose weight, buy a new dress or pair of pants in your goal size. Hang it on a wall in your bedroom so you can be reminded of your goal each time you consider skipping a workout. Fun rewards are also motivating. Fellas, buy a pair of pants that’s exactly the waist size you want to aim for. Try it on occasionally and keep on digging deep to get there. Pick out a new gadget or weekend trip that you’ll get when you reach a workout goal. Set a goal of the number of hours that you must exercise before buying your reward.

Make It Fun

The surest way to motivate yourself to exercise is finding a way to enjoy it. To make walking, running or using a gym machine fun, listen while working out. Download podcasts and radio shows about topics you enjoy. Through iTunes you can download countless audio books by your favorite authors and let yourself listen to a new chapter only while you’re exercising. Tuck the iPhone away and try swimming to change up your normal routine too. It’s low impact, relaxing and another way to burn some calories.

Tomorrow, we will go over meal preparing and getting the tools ready for the week ahead.

Yours in health,

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