Mud Races – The Rebel Race 5K Race Report (Finishing Muddier)


Regardless if you’re a parent or not, you’ve heard the saying of how you raise a child at home, and how it is a direct reflection of how he/she will act in public. Of course, we’re not kids anymore, but that analogy surely applies to us. We participated in the Rebel Race 5K in Monkton, MD and we ROCKED it!!!!!! We exemplified the qualities that we show one another in class daily during this race. We encountered walls, mud pits, net roping, swimming (which was more refreshing than anything) and just sticking side-by-side while cheering.

This was our first mud obstacle course event of the year (actually, EVER) and 11 of us represented for our HOF fam. We saw all types of people out there, clapping, helping their people, walking, running and just doing it. It was definitely a great team building experience and a chance for each participant to apply those fitness skills that we work on daily. The hills were nice, the mud was sloshy enough and the weather was exactly what we needed with little-to-no humidity. If you’re reading this as a person who is contemplating trying an event like this, we say go for it. If you’re a HOF member who was on the fence, you know we got your back and we will never leave you behind. It’s tough, it’s fun, it’ll challenge your balance, your reaction time and most importantly, bring people closer to reach even greater goals.

We had so much fun, that we will put Rebel Race 5K on the HOF calendar of events as well as research additional events for the 2013 year. Ya never know! Who says you have to be a kid in order to get muddy, cheer your friends and push them over a wall. It’s just a little wall, don’t get scared:) Check these races out in the meantime.

  1. Savage Race – Mid Atlantic – July 20th
  2. Mud Factor – Maryland – August 17th
  3. Other mud races – calendar (includes above-mentioned races)


Let us know what you think and as a team, we will work on selecting a race that suits our group availability. As you look at these races and see the obstacles, you may say, “I can’t do that”. Before you limit yourself, remember that you have a support system by your side. Most importantly, you know your body and your capabilities. So if an obstacle requires you to swim 500m (let’s just say) and you can’t swim, you can say “I’ll skip this one” and we’ll totally understand for sure.

“Alone we could do so little; together we could do so much”

-Hellen Keller

Yours in health,

Shawn “Chev”

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