Why do men lose weight faster than women?

No question is ever a dumb question. The more we ask, the more it answers a question that someone may be afraid to ask. So ask away. Let’s get straight to the point;

Man_vs_WomanMen and women typically lose weight at different rates because of physiological reasons. The body types for guys are usually bigger and contain more muscle, and they tend to burn fat quicker due to these factors. Although a woman cannot change her body enough to burn calories equal to those burned by a man, she can increase her metabolism by increasing muscle mass.

Just to add some contrast to this, the HOF Team has changed the lives of numerous people with various health and fitness goals. Weight loss is the most highly requested goal by new/former members, followed by overall health maintenance, eradication of disease (hypertension, diabetes, etc.) down to the, “I just want to look good in six weeks.” Along with weight loss, there is the natural comparison between men and women on how men tend to lose weight much faster than women. Men and women are like apples and oranges. When the ladies want to reach their weight goal and it’s not happening in the pace/time that they want it to happen, this is when they tend to be bunched up in the same pool. This is definitely not the case and should be avoided to avoid frustration. Hence why you’re reading thisJ

Men and Size

Because men are generally larger and typically weigh more, they tend to burn more calories and lose weight faster, according to MayoClinic.com. This also applies to shorter, obese exercisers. For example, a person weighing 160 lbs. can burn approximately 584 calories per hour jogging at 5 miles per hour, but a person weighing 240 lbs. can burn about 872 calories per hour jogging at the same speed. Whether you weigh more because of height or extra pounds, you naturally burn more calories during any activity. Men not only burn more calories due to size but also because of extra muscle, which is denser than fat. Compared to women, men naturally have a higher muscle-to-fat ratio.

Men and Muscle

As a woman, you cannot change your size by increasing height, but you can increase the size of your muscles and change the fat-to-muscle ratio of your body via your diet, exercise and strength training for a leaner look. Muscle naturally burns more calories than fat, even while at rest. Because men have a higher muscle-to-fat ratio, they automatically burn more calories and build muscle easier. Guys also build muscle easier than girls due to natural male hormones, such as testosterone, produced in their bodies. However, by exercising more and including strength training in your daily workout routine, you can build more muscle tissue, whether you’re a woman or a man, except that women don’t build muscle as quickly. With more muscle mass throughout your body, you can more easily lose weight.

Muscle Building

Bodybuilding GrandmaIf you want to build muscle, you can include any variety of strength training in your regular workout routines. These include exercises using your own body weight such as squats and pushups, dumbbell exercises like we do in class or machine-weight training. As you build muscle, you tend to start losing weight faster since muscles burn more calories. For those who attend HOF classes, members typically start with 10 lb dumbbells, but with time we always recommend increasing the weight or even having a second pair that is heavier for certain exercises. It’s all about the constant muscle stimulation, challenging the muscle for growth and eventually building more muscle to burn the fat.

Burning Calories

Performing regular cardio, or aerobic, exercise will naturally help you burn calories. You tend to build more lower-body muscle strength with aerobics, such as jogging, hiking, swimming and dancing like ZUMBA, but you also use up more energy, which converts to calories burned, while performing aerobics. Guys lose weight faster than girls with this type of exercise also because they carry more muscle. However, with the right exercise program, women can build sufficient strength and endurance, and they can regularly burn calories to lose weight and keep it off.

Pictured above is Ernestine Shepherd. You may have seen in her many health write-ups regarding her being the oldest femail bodybuilder. She works hard daily with a diet rich in quality protein, starches and fiber. Her sugar intake is reduced to nearly 5-10% and she is consistent with her training. When you feed your body quality foods, you are preparing the fat to be burned in your metabolic furnace.

I hope this answers your question team. If you have a question, feel free to email info@hardbodyoutdoorfitness.com or ask it in class and I’ll elaborate on here.

Yours in health,

Shawn “Chev”

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