“Make it yourself” Monday – Quick Meals (Day 7)

crepeMaking quick meals is what we are after these days. If you’re on Instagram, there are so many ways to stay motivated, read some inspiration, view before/after photos of health/fitness stories and capture moments through photography. But there is a guy who started “Video Meals Online” and it’s genius. Matter of fact, it’s perfect for everyone who is looking for some food inspiration and ways to get a meal prepared quickly. Don’t be fooled now, these Instagram videos are only 15 seconds long, but it will take longer to cook:)

So if you don’t have Instagram on your smartphone, you can still view the “Video Meals” by checking the following link: VIDEO MEALS ONLINE. The app is free, so check it out.

While you’re on Instagram, check out some of our photos from our Hardbody Outdoor Fitness members in action. They all work hard and it’s always great to capture and relive the moment through photography. At the end of the day, we capture many of them in action during our classes and tagged those photos with #hofapproved. Take a look at the gallery below and stay motivated.

[instapress tag=”hofapproved” piccount=”20″ size=”90″ effect=”fancybox” title=”1″ paging=”1″]

Yours in health,
Hardbody Outdoor Fitness, LLC

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