Day 21 – #HOF21DAYS – Start Strong, Finish Strong!!!

work hardIf you didn’t know, now you know..”START STRONG, FINISH STRONGER” is the Hardbody Outdoor Fitness slogan. Since 2009, that’s what we have ingrained into each client as a way to live life and really give your all. So today, on the 21st day of this fitness challenge, you will remember how you started and finish this challenge STRONG! If you fell off, that’s ok. Let these last 21 days serve as a reminder of how you need to get your act together and commit yourself to reaching your goals. Lift your head up and this challenge will be available for an additional few weeks so that you can come back and pick up where you left off.

Enough talking, set your clocks for 60 seconds of each exercise (15-30 seconds rest in between each). Get it done and I would love to get more updates, whether positive or negative on how you. Share your updates, stories and feedback via the comments section below or via email to I will keep you all aware of the next HOF challenge, so check your email for additional tips, recipes, alerts and more.

Squat Jumps
Burpees (no pushup)
High Knees
Jump Lunges
Tuck Jumps

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One response to “Day 21 – #HOF21DAYS – Start Strong, Finish Strong!!!”

  1. Genevieve says:

    Until the next challenge where shall we start from here? From week 2 or week 1 again? Its hard but the benefits are addictive!

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