Day 20 – #HOF21DAYS – Happy Easter

HIITLet’s rock and roll. The HOF 21 Days Challenge is winding down, so FINISH STRONG!!!!! You have today’s workout and tomorrow’s fitness test. Make each rep count and I will also be joining you on getting it done. Here are just 5 reasons as to why bodyweight training is so important. Take these facts with you and actively apply them to your daily movements for health and normal activities.

1. Super-efficient workouts. Unless the goal is to look like Arnold circa 1977, the days of two-hour workouts are numbered. Research suggests high-output, bodyweight-based exercises such as plyometrics yield awesome fitness gains in very short workout durations. Since there’s no equipment involved, bodyweight workouts make it easy to transition quickly from one exercise to the next. Shorter rest times mean it’s easy to quickly boost heart rate and burn some serious calories.

2. Combined cardio and strength training. Pressed for time but need to hit cardio and strength in one quick workout? Performing quick bodyweight cardio sessions (such as one minute of burpees or a set of jumping jacks) in between strength exercises will keep the heart pumping while still encouraging muscle and strength development.

3. Fast fat-burning. Looking to shed a few unwanted pounds? Just a few minutes of a bodyweight circuit training can have a major impact on the body’s metabolism.

4. Something for everyone. Bodyweight exercises are a great choice because they’re easily modified to challenge any fitness level. Adding extra repetitions, performing the exercises faster or super-slow, and perfecting form are a few ways to make even the simplest exercise more challenging. And progress is easy to measure, since bodyweight exercises offer endless ways to do a little more in each workout.

5. Improved core strength. The “core” is more than just abs. In fact, at least twenty-nine muscles make up the human core, and many simple bodyweight movements can be used to engage all of them. Such exercises improve core strength for better posture and improved athletic performance.

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  1. Ali says:

    Morning – Enjoy another good workout

    Work up a sweat – lol

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