Day 18 – #HOF21DAYS – HUSTLE!!!

514_400x400_NoPeelJust a few more days. Today will be all about the abdominal and back area, but there is a twist. You have 2 options; one for the gym goer and one for the non-gym goer.

At the gym? Perform 3 miles (in total) on 3 different cardio machines. For example, 1 mile on the elliptical, 1 mile on the bike and 1 on the stair master. Then you perform whichever core video below. I need proof that you did it. Tag #HOF21DAYS

Not at the gym? Make sure you have an app to track your distance. Run/jog 2 miles. If you walk, that’s fine. If you are a runner/jogger, hustle!!! I need proof that you did it. Tag #HOF21DAYS

Here are the videos again for you to choose from. Have fun with this. This is a lifestyle, not just a challenge:) Enjoy your day!

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