Day 16 – #HOF21DAYS – Sprint Day. Increase your HGH

According to a study by Brunel University, human growth hormone (HGH) works in a way to help the body look and feel younger. However, as a person ages, the body begins to decrease its production of HGH. In effect, the person looks and feels older. By finding ways to naturally increase HGH production, a person can maintain younger skin and muscles. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through anaerobic exercises, hence the main reason of this challenge. Pushing really hard for short periods of time is beneficial to your aging process.

Resistance Training

Resistance training provides the highest exercise-induced growth hormone response (EIGR). How high the response is depends the load and frequency of the training. When a person lifts heavier loads with the least amount of rest time possible, he/she causes the greatest amount of HGH to be released. Resistance exercises that require the largest muscle groups to be utilized, like lunges and squats, cause the greatest HGH release, because there are more muscle fibers being utilized, resulting in a greater anaerobic response.


HGH has a pulsatile release, making shorter bouts of exercise the best for HGH release. Pulsatile release means that it does not release on a constant or steady basis; instead, it releases in pulses. Therefore, sprinting (running, biking, swimming, among other exercises) for 10 minutes several times a day is very beneficial for HGH release. This allows the body to reach the highest lactic acid threshold possible and makes the muscles use the HGH the best.

Endurance Training

Endurance training will cause the release of HGH to vary according to intensity, duration and frequency. It will also depend on the type of exercise being preformed. The more anaerobic the exercise, the better. When exercise is maintained above the lactic acid threshold for more than 10 minutes, HGH will be released both during the exercise and periodically over the following 24 hours.

So today, I want you to go back to your sprints. The minimum is 8 sets, but aim for 9 sets. Don’t slack and realize that you are in control of YOU!! Enjoy your day team and send a clip of yourself sprinting. It would be a great inspiration. On Instagram, tag it with #HOF21DAYS and it will show up below.

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YES!!! You did sprints yesterday!!! Come on, suck it up!!!! 😉

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