Day 15 – #HOF21DAYS – When you change, change happens

521290_10151275208806246_362382707_nWere you able to get a vegan meal done yesterday? I posted one in the HOF blog (click here). You will see, it’s a cauliflower buffalo wings recipe. If you didn’t get it done yesterday, you can still do it of course. Share your ideas and I would love to highlight them. Today’s workout can be done at home and I included a few alternatives below. These alternatives are not in the video, so read carefully and substitute where you see fit. We are building up and you will definitely get stronger. Don’t run from them:)

Burpee (with pushup and broad jump) *the pushup is a new part to the burpee in this challenge
Mountain Climbers
Forward/reverse lunge (add weight to make it spicy)
Sprints (Jumping Jacks are an alternative)

90 Seconds each exercise (side)

Have fun with this and whatever you do, make sure you are increasing your heart rate daily for 30-60 minutes. The benefits will carry on and your healthy eating will compliment your hard work. Stick with it!!!

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Here are some photos of our HOF clients in action as well. It’s always nice to see dedicated individuals working hard daily.

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2 responses to “Day 15 – #HOF21DAYS – When you change, change happens”

  1. Porsche says:

    Hi. Did you mean 5 rounds because I TOTALLY felt like my health goals were accomplished after round 2.
    But I did 5 anyways.

    • Shawn Chevalier says:

      I just busted out laughing, hahahahha. You did it;) That’s what’s up Porsche. Nadia blurted funny obscene words to me about it too:)

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