Day 12 – #HOF21DAYS – How are you feeling? (Feedback)

fitness-facts-calories-burned-per-hour-5041830So you made it past the half way point. You just had 3 days of action and today I want you to do some active recovery. The weather is turning for the better here in Maryland and it’s time to take advantage. If you aren’t familiar with the Cherry Blossoms, they are in full bloom now and everyone is heading to DC to witness and get their walk on. You may not be able to go to DC, but you can surely get your walk in. Check this chart out and see how much calories can be burned in one hour of exercise. Be active within your own scope, but take note of how recovery is beneficial to your performance.

If you have not purchased a foam roller, be sure to get one. We will be moving again over the next three days, so be prepared to have fun, stimulate your entire body and push your own boundaries. Not my boundaries…yours. When you change, that’s when change occurs.

Enjoy your day and check out a few photos posted to Instagram by fellow challengers. While you’re at it, provide some comments on your experience. What did you like so far, what would be a nice touch to add for subsequent challenges and anything you see fit. This challenge reached many states and countries as a free tool to motivate and make exercise short and exciting. So go ahead, speak your mind;)

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One response to “Day 12 – #HOF21DAYS – How are you feeling? (Feedback)”

  1. Priscilla Ireland says:

    I do this in addition to my exercise class, tai chi, and walking the dog but this is definitely a challenge and I love the change up each day. Feeling good!!

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