Children & Fitness: From running to walking. Our responsibility.

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chad1It was National Running Day on Wednesday, June 5th. As a fitness company, we surely promote participating in events that will bring noteriety to any unoffical unpaid healthychad2 holiday (by the way, National Belly Flop Day is coming up:). So I decided to take my son, Chad with me on a 5 mile run. Gabrielle went on a date with mommy. He’s “training” for his first duathlon with Rip It Events Sunday, August 4th at Western Regional Park. I wouldn’t really call it training, but he gets his saddle-time and you have to make it fun for kids. The rules are simple, he rides, I run.

So we start from our house and run to the park, I look at my Strava app and I’m booking while he’s up ahead. We reach the park (2 miles away) and then he rolls next to me and asks a question, “What’s that?” He was referring to the built-in exercise stations in the park. So at first (in my head), I was like, “We are in a groove man, not now”. But as quick as that thought came in my head, it left and we were about to battle each other on the balance beam. I went first, then he went. We laughed as we always do. Then it happened, that run was no longer than important. He jumped on the bike and said, “what’s next?” I jogged to the next station and he rode his bike. This went on for about 6 stations until there were no more and darkness was becoming more apparent.

I tell you this story because many of us are striving for that PR. No not “Puerto Rico”, but “Personal Record”, lol. A personal record is when you do an event and you do it faster the next time. When you slow down a little bit as a parent, you get to appreciate what’s going on around you. This may sound cheesy, but we witnessed baby geese coming out of the water. They were fearless and pecked the ground for food paying us no attention. We watched 2 beavers swimming in the water, diving and walking around. We talked about the water falls, where the water came from and just enjoyed the moment. So parents, we have some work to do. If you’re a flawless parent, kudos to you. If your child is overweight, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. Take a second to find a way to get them going by listening. Maybe slowing down your life a little to figure out what’s happening around you would help make those indicators stand out more. Get bikes, find exercise stations in your neighborhood, play catch, enroll in sports, do activities as a family and remember, there will be times when your run/jog will be downgraded to a walk, but your relationship will surely be upgraded.

Here are 10 ways to keep your kids healthy and combat this health epidemic our society is facing;

1. Make sure they’re getting ample sleep. They shouldn’t be going to be when you do.

2. Swap out that Juicy Juice or Capri Sun for a bottle of water.

3. Control the junk food. You are the parent. Unless your kids buy the groceries. Can they buy mine too?

4. It’s getting warm, let them play outside daily.

5. Set a time limit on the internet, TV or video games. Shut it down and be firm. If they pout, they don’t get any the next day. Simple.

6. If you smoke, they shouldn’t be around you. Parents get stressed and chain-smoke, but second-hand smoke is a killer. It’s just not fair.

7. Ask how they’re doing. Stress is expressed in different ways. You won’t know until you ask.

8. Take them to a physician annually. The more they hear about their health, the more it’ll support your efforts. You might as well go too. Be an example.

9. Reward their good activities. When you get a pat on the back, how do you feel?

10. Read 1-9 again:)

Yours in health,

Shawn “Chev”

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