8 Reasons why doing bootcamp in the AM is beneficial for you…

What the benefit of training in the morning? Well, there are multiple reasons and here are a few. If you have the discipline and can get it accomplished in the PM hours, my hat is tipped to you because as a father it’s not easy. I tend to workout before bootcamp at 4:30AM and I’m wired from that point forward. Check out these reasons and see if it will make you more dedicated to getting to bootcamp more.

  1. IT’S EASIER TO FOLLOW HIGH-VOLUME TRAINING SYSTEMS: Try working out in the afternoon in a packed gym…not!!
  2. YOUR HORMONES ARE WORKING TO YOUR ADVANTAGE: By exercising in the morning, you’re taking advantage of these naturally circulating hormones as they’re peaking, rather than later in the day when they’re lower.
  3. IT LEAVES TIMES FOR OTHER PRIORITIES: HOF is a priority, but it’s still not my number one priority. Nothing is more important than family. Clearly there’s a trade-off between the amount of time you spend exercising and the amount of time you can spend at home. Which is why slicing off a small segment, like you can in the morning, is usually better than in the evening, when you have to fight rush hour, navigate a crowded gym environment, get home to shower, and allot whatever’s left for your family. The math simply works better if you get your workout done in the morning.
  4. YOU’LL BE MORE FOCUSED WHEN YOU REACH THE OFFICE OR SCHOOL: A bout of exercise increases your focus on the next activity, because your body is aroused. What follows a morning workout? For most people, it’s the office or school. Hence, one of the advantages of working out in the morning is that you’re more alert during those later hours.
  5. YOU’LL BE LESS LIKELY TO SKIP YOUR WORKOUT: It may take a cup of coffee to get your morning going, but once you’re up, there are few distractions on your way to the gym. But later in the day, any number of distractions can sabotage your workout: less motivation, fatigue, the gang is going out for some drinks, a sick child, an overdue report for work or school. If you’ve already completed your workout, you can simply roll with whatever obstacles come up later in the evening without feeling bad that you missed another day. You’re far more likely to be consistent with your training if you get it done early in the day rather than waiting for later.
  6. YOUR METABOLIC RATE WILL RECEIVE A QUICK BOOST: Without a doubt, exercise can boost your metabolic rate. The degree depends on your current fitness level and the kind of activity you choose. All other things being equal, working out in the morning will help to boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn more calories for the rest of the day. This phenomenon is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption, or EPOC. We talk about it all the time after a HOF class.
  7. YOU WON’T HAVE AS MANY DISTRACTIONS: Chances are pretty good that you train with a number of friends, which makes socializing pretty easy. Don’t get me wrong—there’s nothing wrong with that. But it’s easy for a short gabfest to turn a productive workout into one where you barely break a sweat. If you’re serious about getting results and not wasting your time, you’ll want to spend your gym time with minimal distractions.
  8. YOUR MOOD WILL IMPROVE: You’re probably familiar with the notion that some workouts release endorphins, feel-good hormones that are increased following exercise of sufficient intensity and duration. But you don’t have to do hours of cardio to feel good about yourself; think about it, you’ve just completed your workout for the day.

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