8 Reasons why doing bootcamp in the AM is beneficial for you…

Mar 13,2016

What the benefit of training in the morning? Well, there are multiple reasons and here are a few. If you have the discipline and can get it accomplished in the PM hours, my hat is tipped to you because as a father it’s not easy. I tend to workout before bootcamp at 4:30AM and I’m… Read More

#HOF1MilePlus & The New HOF Apparel Store

Mar 9,2016

The #HOF1MilePlus officially starts tomorrow (March 1st). Ready for a kickstart before spring actually starts? ┬áDon’t worry, you can walk, jog or run. Here are the key items to get you started and on track for success in the month of March. – Month of March you will run 1 mile a day (rest days… Read More