Day 21 – #HOF21DAYS – Start Strong, Finish Strong!!!

Apr 20,2014

If you didn’t know, now you know..”START STRONG, FINISH STRONGER” is the Hardbody Outdoor Fitness slogan. Since 2009, that’s what we have ingrained into each client as a way to live life and really give your all. So today, on the 21st day of this fitness challenge, you will remember how you started and finish… Read More

Day 20 – #HOF21DAYS – Happy Easter

Apr 20,2014

Let’s rock and roll. The HOF 21 Days Challenge is winding down, so FINISH STRONG!!!!! You have today’s workout and tomorrow’s fitness test. Make each rep count and I will also be joining you on getting it done. Here are just 5 reasons as to why bodyweight training is so important. Take these facts with… Read More

Day 19 – #HOF21DAYS – Active recovery and Rest

Apr 19,2014

How was your week? I hope your plan was executed to the best of your ability. We are all under different levels of stress. Whatever circumstances, don’t let that beat you down. You control some things, but what is destined to happen, will happen. If today is that day when you need to regroup, do… Read More

Day 18 – #HOF21DAYS – HUSTLE!!!

Apr 18,2014

Just a few more days. Today will be all about the abdominal and back area, but there is a twist. You have 2 options; one for the gym goer and one for the non-gym goer. At the gym? Perform 3 miles (in total) on 3 different cardio machines. For example, 1 mile on the elliptical,… Read More


Apr 17,2014

Finishing strong is what you do. There are a few people who are shy to update and that’s ok. Regardless of where you are, you have to finish thing STRONG. Today’s workout is just 4 exercises. Each exercise is to be performed for 10 reps and you have 4 rounds. I’m loving the progress, the… Read More

Day 16 – #HOF21DAYS – Sprint Day. Increase your HGH

Apr 16,2014

According to a study by Brunel University, human growth hormone (HGH) works in a way to help the body look and feel younger. However, as a person ages, the body begins to decrease its production of HGH. In effect, the person looks and feels older. By finding ways to naturally increase HGH production, a person… Read More

Day 15 – #HOF21DAYS – When you change, change happens

Apr 15,2014

Were you able to get a vegan meal done yesterday? I posted one in the HOF blog (click here). You will see, it’s a cauliflower buffalo wings recipe. If you didn’t get it done yesterday, you can still do it of course. Share your ideas and I would love to highlight them. Today’s workout can… Read More

Vegan Cauliflower Buffalo Wings Recipe

Apr 14,2014

For the HOF 21 Days Challenge, the goal for today is to try a vegetarian dish of your choice. So I wanted to share one that looks awesome and based on the image alone, it looks tasty. I got it from the Vega site, which is also where I get my plant-based protein. If you… Read More

Day 14 – #HOF21DAYS – Food Challenge

Apr 14,2014

You are getting the point, that exercise is a critical part of your health journey. The other main part to the success equation will be your nutrition. If you are working out hard, sleeping well, but eating poorly, you are just negating the hard work and the amount of energy put forth daily. Feed your… Read More

DAY 13 – #HOF21DAYS – 15 Minute AMRAP Workout

Apr 13,2014

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. So since yesterday was a rest day or a catch-up day, today you will use a little weight. Do you have dumbbells? If so, take them out and let’s have a little fun. You will work your entire body with this for 15 minutes. I know you have 15… Read More