Day 1 – #HOF21DAYS – Fitness Test #1

Jan 15,2014

Today you will start the challenge off with a fitness test. The main benefit of the test is to establish your strengths and weaknesses, whether you are a beginner or an experienced athlete. You will compare your test results 2 more times throughout this challenge, so work really hard to gauge your improvements. You have… Read More

The Revitalizer – Tomato Juice

Jan 7,2014

Coconut water, as you know, is rich in electrolytes—but tomato juice has also recently gotten some attention as a natural sports drink, thanks to a new study published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology. After vigorous workouts, researchers found that those drinking tomato juice (rich in the antioxidant lycopene) experienced faster muscle recovery and blood-sugar-stabilization than those… Read More

Peak Performance – Cherry Juice

Jan 6,2014

Another natural antidote that might spur the body’s recovery after brutally intense workouts is tart cherry juice, which research has found to reduce symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage. (Worth noting: in many such studies, participants took down about two 12-ounce glasses of tart cherry juice daily.) Made with sour Montmorency cherries, tart cherry juice just doesn’t taste… Read More

Electro-Dynamite – Orange Kale Juice

Jan 5,2014

Instead of grabbing a sports drink out of the cooler after your next heavy sweat session, try whipping up a glass or two or Calbom’s antioxidant-packed natural electrolyte replacement juice, which is rich in vitamin C, minerals and powerhouse plant chemicals such as bioflavonoids. Make It: Juice 1 peeled orange; 2 kale, chard, or collard leaves;… Read More

Magical Magnesium in a green juice

Jan 4,2014

Most men in the U.S. do not get the 400 mg of magnesium that’s recommended daily—yet the mineral is charged with activating key enzymes and massively contributing to energy production (who couldn’t use more of that?). Plus magnesium keeps muscle and nerve function strong, steadying heart rhythm, maintaining bone health and boosting the immune system. And according… Read More

Beet the Competition: Juicing for performance

Jan 3,2014

Beetroot juice has become a secret-weapon-of-choice among athletes seeking natural performance enhancement. In one University of Exeter study, nine club-level cyclists finished three percent faster in 2.5- and 10-mile trials when they imbibed a half-liter (about four eight-ounce glasses) of beetroot juice pre-race compared to when they rode beetless. The juice contained about three to five… Read More