“Make it yourself” Monday – Quick Meals (Day 7)

Oct 7,2013

Making quick meals is what we are after these days. If you’re on Instagram, there are so many ways to stay motivated, read some inspiration, view before/after photos of health/fitness stories and capture moments through photography. But there is a guy who started “Video Meals Online” and it’s genius. Matter of fact, it’s perfect for… Read More

“Selecting that accountability buddy” Saturday – Find your exercise partner (Day 5)

Oct 5,2013

It’s Saturday and the weather is freakishly beautiful for fall. Well, fall is already a beautiful time of the year, but this warmth is just not the norm. I won’t complain. You finished the weekday with some relaxing exercise and got some insight on guided imagery; the art of putting your mind elsewhere to relax…. Read More

“Finding Peace” Friday – What relaxes you? (Day 4)

Oct 4,2013

It’s the weekend and you have been grinding HARD. Especially if you downloaded the “Rise and Grind” audio file from Day 2. There is just something about a person with an actor-like voice yelling in your ear that could either motivate you or make you pull out your headphones and blurt out a few cuss… Read More

“Ever Tried a Hurpee” Thursday – Where did it originate from? (Day 3)

Oct 3,2013

Hahah, now that I got your attention. A hurpee sounds exactly like the word herpe (unfortunately), but a hurpee is a “half burpee” that does not include a pushup. We tend to not use the word hurpee as you may understand why. But we have been asked the question, “What is a burpee and why… Read More

“Work It Out” Wednesday – Add this audio to your playlist (Day 2)

Oct 2,2013

Waking up early isn’t for everyone. Matter of fact, it’s for a small population that either are naturally early risers; either have a busy evening schedule or realize that getting it done early is the only way to do it. It’s not for everyone, but I want you to take all of those scenarios mentioned… Read More

Tasty Recipe Tuesday – Pumpkin Everything (Day 1)

Oct 1,2013

It’s October and if you’re a Starbucks fan, the word “Pumpkin” just makes everyone smile. So why not refresh your Pumpkin 101 knowledge and a quick baked good recipe to make you smile at home. It’s a shame that pumpkin is only popular for two months out of the year, then we forget about it… Read More