30 Days of Blogging – Daily Themes

Sep 30,2013

That’s right, we will be posting up new blog entries every day for the month of October on the HOF blog. These posts may be short text, videos, articles, recipes, workouts and/or creative tips to spice up your healthy lifestyle. We encourage you to share these posts with your friends/family in order to light that… Read More

4 Poses To Do At Home

Sep 17,2013

Larisa has joined our HOF rotation, offering an introduction to Power Yoga. While we have yet to complete an entire hour of Power Yoga, we decided to display 4 exercises that you could do at home in order to work on your flexibility. As you know, the core is the focal point of any exercise… Read More

Nation’s Triathlon Relay – Race Report (Team Hardbody)

Sep 10,2013

Rise and shine!!! It’s race morning. Nadia and I were kid-free and once we got up, we made a B-line to getting out of the door. This was the Nation’s Triathlon, which is an Olympic distance triathlon right in the heart of the nation’s capital. I did it in 2010 as my first Olympic distance… Read More

Labor Day Workout 2013

Sep 3,2013