Running Sneakers -vs- Cross Training Sneakers: Are you wearing the right sneaker?

Jul 31,2013

How many of us, while buying a pair of shoes, stop and think about the type with regards to its use. More often than not, we all go in either for the brand and/or the look. We are then just thrilled when we put on the new pair and go out, either for a walk,… Read More

August is HOF Bring-A-Friend Free Month

Jul 25,2013

The month of August is HOF Member “Bring-A-Friend” Month. Download the coupon below and as a HOF member, you can invite ONE person for ONE FREE MONTH. This offer can only be shared by current registered HOF Members Only. So choose wisely. You can invite a coworker/friend or family member to participate in the program… Read More

3 Smoothie Recipes to Fuel Your Training/Workouts

Jul 17,2013

Smoothies are perfect for athletes finding it challenging to consume enough calories. If you’re having difficulty maintaining weight, these liquid meals can be a great way to keep your body on track with something less filling than solid food.¬†Smoothies are ideal after a workout, when recovery is paramount but a full meal seems too heavy…. Read More

Independence Day Workout 2013

Jul 12,2013