Exercise Bingo @ Home or Gym

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what some people fail to realize at times is that morning workouts can be just as important. We workout really early for some and it is exactly what we need. Just as eating a hearty breakfast boosts your metabolism and fuels you up, morning workouts keeps your body staying fit much easier. You can also think of it as “just getting the much-needed exercise out of the way” before family distractions, work and reality TV (come on, don’t lie:) You’re free to enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you’ve done your body some good. My HOF clients can attest to that.

If you’re not able to make exercise as a part of your morning routine, that’s okay, because what really matters is that you find a schedule that suits your needs. You can find tips everywhere on managing and finding the best time of day for your workout, and if you work out often enough at the same time it will become a habit. Morning workouts are ideal because it’s easier to make a habit out of them, but if you find yourself being able to exercise more in the afternoons, or in the evenings after work, then your goal is to just stick to it.

If you’re not able to make it to HOF, sometimes your AM gym workouts can get monotonous especially if you only do the same workouts every day. That’s boring!!! If you need a little help with varying your workouts, here is a great idea that I wrote and wanted to share.

The first thing you need to do is pick an exercise from each column (1 through 5). You can play bingo with yourself and at the start of the week take out your printed card and roll a die for each column. Keep track of the exercises that you did and vary it up each day. Before you head to the gym, you will have your workout plan for each day of the work week. Should you roll a six for any of the categories, you’re free to choose any extra exercise. You can make a new bingo card every week, or reuse the same set of exercises until you feel you’re ready for more intense workouts.

I love variety, so here is another way to “spice” things up a little more. ShawnBingoCard

– Perform 5 sets of the workout
– Perform 4 sets and in-between each set, run for 2 minutes
– Aim for 4 sets. Time your first set. Make the 3 remaining sets FASTER

The goal is to have a blast with exercise and if you’re not seeking new ways to vary things up, you will run into boredom fast and lose your motivation. Stay motivated and try new things. Until next time….

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  1. Sean Chapman says:

    Really great article! I put it on my social media pages so my network can apply it to their own home workouts!

    Thanks for the great info Shawn!

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