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Outdoor Fitness & Training

Hardbody Outdoor Fitness is designed to bring out the best in you through training with our highly trained professional trainers while enjoying the fresh air of the outdoors.

Reaching Goals, Getting Results

Prior to starting this class I never once thought or considered running in any races, and now that has become a part of my fitness goals. I think it mainly has to do with the fact that in class we’re always being challenged to work hard, and I take that attitude when getting ready for a race. This program works if you are committed and consistent.

You will see your body transform before you very eyes.

-Glenn Williams

In 6 months I have come down 2.5 sizes and shed a minute and 20 seconds off of my timed mile. If you’re looking to get in shape and definitely gain strength and muscle definition I could not recommend this program/trainers/team more. Great workouts, passionate trainers, amazing people.

You should think about it… then do it.

-Katie Barrett

In the last year, I have gone from not running that much to running in my first 10 miler and half marathon races. I have become the strongest I have ever been, which has made everyday type of task easier. I have become more mindful about my eating habits and choosing better options. I’m even eating green shakes now, crazy!

I thank you for all you have done to make my life more positive!

-Emily Leclercq

It’s awesome to do the exercises outdoors-it breaks up the monotony of ‘going to the gym’ or working out at home and you use so much of your own body weight that work every muscle in your body without really knowing it (until later in the day!) Shawn and Nicole are very inspiring and push everyone based on each person’s abilities.

It’s well worth getting up for each morning!”

-Amy Laster

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